Some Say...

"There canít be that many guys out there with your level of skill. Itís not just the guitar work, itís all the other skills like beautiful vocals, and the songwriting that add the icing to the cake. All those in attendance were wowed, even the guitar players. You are a real live pro. The world is missing you"
Ken Wood
Chelsea, Quebec, Canada

"Your CD is a marvelous piece of work. My sincerest wish is that even more people will discover it, and enjoy the listen as much as I do. Bravo!"
Louis Ouellette
Oakville, Canada

"I really dig your music. I like how you make classic rock with a modern sound, and you do it all with talent. In my opinion, it's hard to find musicians that make this style of music sound good anymore. You sound like so many of my favorite singers together: Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roger Waters as you said and a lot more. I'll be sure to tell my friends about you, keep up the good work! "
Anthony Aldridge
New Hampshire, USA

"I absolutely love this album! You have a fantastic gift for songwriting. Your style is reminiscent of Blue Rodeo and Tom Petty, but your approach to music making is unique. "
Sarah Saso,
Toronto, Canada

"You ROCK!! Love your music!! Glad you found me! :) To think all I would have been missing..."
Atlanta, USA

"You seem to have broken through that ceiling of indie act hell and produced something that can stand up beside anything from a major label"
Rob Bennet,
Ottawa, Canada

"I love this record. I can't stop playing it in my car, I crank the tunes and sing out loud - it rocks. I have bought several copies as presents for my friends who I believe appreciate good music - and everyone has been very happy that I turned them on to this fantastic artist. "
Georgia Sievwright,
Toronto, Canada

"Yo, I am listening now right before I go to school, and damn dude, I do like your music a lot. I'm on the last song of the four in your playlist, it's my favorite. But they are all good. :) "
Anchorage, USA

"A great album actually. Great range of tunes and moods. It has been on the short rotation in my car for months!"
Ken Wood,
Ottawa, Canada

"I'm writing to tell you that I really do love your music. I was listening to it all weekend. 'Garden of Earthly Delight' is definitely a hit single, but I love all of the songs. Congrats on an amazing feat."
Julia Waller,
Toronto, Canada

ďI love what I hear, love your influences too. You got a great talent and great taste in tunes too. Thanks again for adding me. Love your songs.ď
Lindsay :)
Atlanta, USA

"I love your music!! Really fantastic, so sensible and the production is precisely done to the tiniest detail. You have my support! Wish you all the very very best!"
London, UK

"Beautiful songs, meaningful lyrics. Great stuff! Thanks for letting me listen, and keep up the good work! :)"
Georgia, USA

"WOW! Music is awesome...Really Rocks :)"
Covina, USA

"It's undeniably phenomenal, but I think you should probably already know that."
Indiana, USA

"you're way good dude. i love your music. its super chill. just how i like my classic rock...for the most part. "
Montana, USA

"your music is pretty awesome dude i wish more people would start to play classic rock cause most of the "rock" out there sucks balls. rock on dude"
New Jersey, USA

"I listened...I won over my ears man....yar!"
Oakville, Canada

"I listened to the whole album and Iím not surprised that Iím so impressed with it. I can tell you put a lot of work into it - - it is very professional sounding and you have an amazing voice. The one thing that caught me right away is that first song, ďsister loveĒ. You have that enviable quality of making your music and sound memorable!!! Not only that, but I liked that song because of the way you changed up the chorus with the different things you wished for. I really like it when lyrics are clever."
Tricia Dutcher,

"You sound really good, a lot like tom petty it's almost scary keep it up!"
Michigan, USA

"No complaints from me. When you create beautiful music like that, I think you have learned the sounds of the universe. Of course.. from a philosophical point of view. Keep up the wonderful work."
New Jersey, USA

"Good songs & production! Glad to hear others who care about melody."
Chicago, USA

"u have my ears, u have my support, u have my attention. I dig ur music, u really sound like creedence! c ya around! "
Cancun, Mexico

"you've got a good voice and your music sounds really good. g'luck to ya."
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

"i LOVE your music. great talent. great voice. your music is fabulous."
Portland, USA

"yea man i really dug your tunes, pure americana . . . let me know when you're comin to jersey."
New Jersey, USA

"its about time theres someone out there thats not churning out the same old scene crap keep on making the old skool sounds and they will listen "
Anthony Valdez
Las Cruces, New Mexico USA

"Hey Ken have heard about you from some of my friends that were staying in Canada for a bit..Your sound is amazing really refreshing to hear innovative stuff nowadays."

"Man most the time I blow off bands because well it dosen't fit me, I love classic rock and well you are new breath in what sometimes seems like a dead art cheers and rock on."
Fallon, Nevada

"I checked out your tunes and really like what you're doing. Very good, very nice stuff."
Calabasas, California

"Very killer man. Love your sound"